Our Philosophy

The beginning

Proti Prova started from Athens in 2006. Since 2013, its beautiful journey, started in Ioannina as well. It was designed to serve the care and education needs of a school community. It is an open, experiential school, but above all a society of children.

With a sense of great responsibility, with knowledge and vision, we have taken our first steps and are giving our own stigma in the field of education and training.

We are improving every day to make the offer to the child more and more modern

At the center of this effort is the placement of the child at all ages and stages of development, so that we can provide him with the necessary opportunities to cultivate a balanced and autonomous personality. We try to give children all the supplies they need to create a better world than the one we inherited.

Throughout our educational journey, we seek, research and improve every day to make the offer to the child more and more modern, more humane and of course closer to his needs and concerns.

Our ultimate goal is happy, autonomous and creative children

Proti Prova is staffed by teachers of all specialties, open to challenges and innovations, utilizing modern pedagogical methods. The educational process is based on experiential learning, active and collaborative education, with play as the main medium and with appropriate communication and encouragement techniques, collaboration, interaction and reflection.

Our human resources are constantly evolving, constantly monitoring modern scientific pedagogical approaches, training on pedagogy and psychology, while listening to and editing the new social conditions and changes.

We always try to inspire children to observe, to ask questions, to think, to look for answers, to experiment, to suggest solutions, to develop individual and group responsibility. At the same time, we help them organize space, boundaries and rules, design and implement pedagogical activities aimed at exploring, knowing and discovering the tools that lead to it. In such an environment, stimuli are created that can unlock the “I am” and the “I feel”, the “I” and the “we”, the “join” and the “coexist”.

Our ultimate goal: happy, autonomous and creative children. Children who recognize, express and manage their emotions within the group, discover their uniqueness and enjoy the process.